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Knoxville Botanical Gardens

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Knoxville Botanical Gardens is located on the historic property once owned by Howell Nurseries.  This "secret garden" is surrounded by thousands of feet of stone walls enclosing it from the residential neighborhood around it.  The garden features exotic trees and woodlands, terraced spaces, whimsical round buildings and charming garden paths.  This hidden gem is five minutes from downtown Knoxville and is perfect for visitors looking to escape into this beautiful scenic property. The Knoxville Botanical Garden and Arboretum is a public garden focusing on enriching the Knoxville community and preserving the legacy of the Howell Nurseries.
Knoxville Botanical Gardens is the perfect place to host special events, whether it be a wedding, fundraiser or special dinner party.  Guests will love the spectacular views of Mount LeConte and the Smokies from the Great Lawn.  This scenic location will provide the perfect backdrop for your event.

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